Services and deliverables

  • Driven by experienced AWS and GCP architect
  • Stakeholders and product teams are a part of every stage
  • Workshops to ease collaboration between teams
  • Provide documentation and diagrams
  • Best practices in places such as AWS Well-Architected Framework or the Google Cloud’s Architecture Framework
  • Created and implemented with operations, cost, performance, and security in place
  • DevOps mindset, make sure to follow continuous delivery and SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) best practices.

CD Infrastructure

Making a set of decisions on your infrastructure will impact the short and long terms on your scalability, costs, and security. Cloud providers are always ever-evolving platforms – such as AWS or Google Cloud, and choosing the right products for your business can be a daunting experience and quite challenging.

We provide expertise and experience on AWS and GCP technologies. We can help assess your options, acknowledge the implications of design decisions, and create an infrastructure to help you achieve your business goals.

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