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CD SaaS Basic

Our CD Cloud Logix SaaS Basic provides a fast, reliable and easy to implement – the best approach for a secure, scalable cloud platform.

Whether you are a new starting business or a well established one and you’re looking to improve your operations, security, or meet your compliance goals (ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI DSS), this package

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CD Compliance

New innovative infrastructure design and automated checks can address many compliance problems. In terms, they can comply with automated routing checks, decrease the risk of human mistakes, reduce the need for paperwork, and increase the workflows. Deploy faster without compromising security

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Compliance +

CD Support

Optimising your resource usage on any cloud platform such as AWS or GCP and deploying rapidly on any OS push the popularisation of Containerisation technology. 

  • CD Support (General)
  • CD Support (Containers and Kubernetes)

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CD Infrastructure

Making a set of decisions on your infrastructure will impact the short and long terms on your scalability, costs, and security. Cloud providers are always ever-evolving platforms – such as AWS or Google Cloud, and choosing the right products for your business can be a daunting experience and quite challenging.

We provide expertise and experience on AWS and GCP technologies. We can help assess your options, acknowledge the implications of design decisions, and create an infrastructure to help you achieve your business goals.

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CD Team Support

We propose workshops, training and help teams solve problems, make decisions, and stay updated with the latest developments and best practices.

We run training sessions on AWS and GCP; also, we include tools related to developers and DevOps / SRE Teams.

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CD Pentesting

Regular Pentesting is the new norm in the industry for anything expose online such as mobile apps, APIs, and the web. At CD Cloud Logix, we propose a way to help you prepare to automate Pentesting and facilitate the process of reviewing any vulnerabilities you might have in your system.

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CD Optimise

Businesses often need to review their infrastructure following an issue or a P1, such as lost data, security breaches, and a severe slowdown in response time. Other cases to check their infrastructure when there’s a need to upgrade, enhance, or modernise their existing infrastructure.

This infrastructure review exercise can fix obvious issues and help identify where possible how to cut costs, improve security, and update your system to support better practices.

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AWS well-architected review:

Google Cloud’s Architecture Framework:


CD Migrate

When you’re considering migrating to AWS or GCP, it can be challenging to assess the different tools, technologies and make choices that best support your business plans and priorities. At CD Cloud Logix, we have the knowledge and experience to help with our secure scalable cloud solutions.

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CD Cloud Logix also maintains a blog with the latest information and tips, very useful to get some valuable information when your time is short.

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