Automate Your Code Deployment Process

CD Cloud Logix is the trusted partner of major organizations around the world — We solve complex deployment problems.


The old way of performing deployments is challenging and expensive

  • Manually deploying code is risky and cumbersome
  • Lack of visibility makes it difficult to diagnose issues
  • Complex deployments can fail and result in downtime

    We make cloud computing easy.

    Solve your complex deployment problems with CD Cloud Logix trusted by industry leaders.

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    CD SaaS Basic

    Speed, reliability and security – the perfect trifecta for your business.

    CD Infrastructure

    We make the hard decisions easy so you can focus on your business.

    CD Compliance

    We can help you automate your compliance process and get your business up and running quickly – without sacrificing security.

    CD Optimise

    Don’t let your infrastructure fall apart.

    CD Support

    Deploy your containers on any cloud, any OS – fast.

    CD Pentesting

    We’re the security experts who can help you find and fix your vulnerabilities before the bad guys do.


    Take the risk out of application deployments

    We automate, measure and secure your software development efforts to help you continually deliver your best software and reap the best results.

    • Plan, Measure and Deliver
    • Increase Security and Avoid Loss
    • Cut Costs and Manage Compliance
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      Awards & Recognition

      Google Cloud Certified
      Certified Kubernetes Administrator
      Redhat RHCE
      AWS Certifications Security and Machine Learning Specialty
      CISCO CCNP Security
      AWS Certifications DevOps and Architect Professional






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