We are experts in

DevOps and security

Who are we?

CD Cloud Logix provides reliable advice as well as hands-on service in building, securing and automating complex infrastructure deployment for mobile applications and online presence. 

Compared to other consulting companies, we are always listening and adapting the solution according to the environment, context and requirements of our clients.

Why Our Clients Have Confidence Freedom and empowered in the decision making.

Not only do we have a proven track record of successful implementation a proof of trust, but clients are also aware they can count on CD Cloud Logix for timely answers and support.

CD Cloud Logix is the result of many years of experience in various businesses. We are passionate about devops and security​

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CD Cloud Logix can produce the following

  • Delivery of solutions (monitoring, CICD Pipelines, Code automation)
  • Security and architecture reviews
  • Teaming up with Developers and DevOps for speeding up the delivery of a project
  • Automating and cost optimisation within Customer infrastructure

Sharing, learning and teaching

CD Cloud Logix is changing the way devops and security​ is done

DevOps can be sometimes tense, difficult and stressful, the reason why we deliver “with a smile and add a touch of fun”, it helps to bond teams together and create stronger cooperation within your business, a sense of “we’re all in this together, let’s do this!”

The CD Blog is an excellent source of learning material – and a place to discover some fantastic technologies to improve, secure, and automated your infrastructure.

Our Ethos

Our vision is nicely coupled with our company ethics. Sharing tips, learning, teaching and demoing to one another are the cornerstone of the business. Providing value above all else.

What we are about

We are passionate about technologies and eager to learn what are the main issues that customers are facing. Not only solving pain points; helping customers.

More than a consultant

CD Cloud Logix is more like a “partner” than just a consultancy company, we’re here to provide continuous support as the client success does matter more than anything

DevOps and Security

Leverage our know-how

Experience across industries

CD Cloud Logix is the result of many years of experience in various businesses.

With such exposure, CD Cloud Logix was founded in February 2019 to answer the need for real quality services when working in spaces such as IT. Other consultancy companies generally deliver a “solution” but without any follow-up or training the relevant team who will, in the end, support this solution. CD Cloud Logix is not following a mindset of “ticking the boxes” but rather being engaged with customers and building some long-lasting solutions. We are not here to “impose” but “guide” customers toward a common goal: deploy fast and secure.