Expedia | AWS Migration and Optimization


Expedia, a leading global travel platform, faced several challenges related to its infrastructure and deployment processes. The company needed to modernize its existing physical data centers and improve the efficiency of its software deployments. Expedia aimed to leverage AWS services to enhance scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness while maintaining high levels of security and stability.



Project Outcomes

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CD Solution

Increased Deployment Velocity
Through the adoption of in-house tools and leveraging AWS services, the rate of deployments doubled annually. This enabled Expedia to deliver new features and updates to its platform at a faster pace, enhancing customer experience and competitive advantage.

Migration to AWS
With our assistance, Expedia successfully migrated 80% of its overall traffic from physical data centers to AWS. This migration provided increased scalability, improved performance, and cost optimization for Expedia’s infrastructure.

Cost Optimization
The implementation of serverless architectures and other AWS services resulted in significant cost savings for Expedia. By reducing the reliance on traditional server-based deployments, Expedia achieved up to 90% cost savings in some cases.

Improved Security
The adoption of HashiCorp Vault strengthened Expedia’s security practices by providing a secure and centralized repository for managing secrets and sensitive information across AWS. This implementation enhanced the overall security posture of Expedia’s infrastructure.

Amazing Results

Increased Efficiency and Scalability
The introduction of AWS environments, along with the adoption of modern orchestration tools and containerization technologies, improved Expedia’s ability to scale and deliver software at a faster pace. This resulted in increased efficiency and agility in responding to market demands.

Significant Cost Savings
Expedia achieved substantial cost savings by adopting serverless architectures and optimizing its infrastructure on AWS. The implementation of these cost-saving measures allowed Expedia to allocate resources effectively and invest in other strategic initiatives.

Enhanced Security
By implementing HashiCorp Vault and promoting secure practices across AWS, Expedia experienced improved security controls and better protection of sensitive data. This heightened security posture enhanced customer trust and ensured compliance with industry regulations.

Successful Migration
Expedia successfully migrated 80% of its overall traffic to AWS, resulting in improved performance, scalability, and resilience. The migration enabled Expedia to leverage the full potential of AWS services, accelerating its digital transformation journey.

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