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Enhancing Data Security and Regulatory Compliance in a Blockchain Application Infrastructure

Technologies used

Kubernetes / Polygon – Avalanche Blockchains / AWS Cloudtrail / RDS / OWASP / Gitlab / AWS Elasticache / Terraform

Project Outcomes

DLT Pilot transaction blockchain

CD Solution

Robust Data Governance and Classification Frameworks:

  • To ensure regulatory compliance and minimize risk, we implemented robust data governance and classification frameworks.
  • These frameworks provided clear guidelines for data handling, storage, and access. The data governance framework established roles and responsibilities, defined data ownership, and outlined data lifecycle management processes.
  • The classification framework categorized data based on sensitivity, ensuring appropriate security measures were applied to each category.

Expert Guidance on Cloud, Application, and Data Security:

  • Recognizing the complexity of cloud, application, and data security, we provided expert guidance to ensure adherence to best practices and regulatory requirements.

Data Encryption and Access Control:

  • To protect sensitive data, we designated a primary technical point of contact responsible for data encryption and access control.
  • This played a crucial role in implementing industry-standard encryption algorithms and protocols across the organization’s systems and databases.
  • Access control measures were strengthened by implementing multi-factor authentication and role-based access controls, ensuring that only authorized individuals could access sensitive data.

Comprehensive Security Reviews of Application Architectures:

  • We conducted comprehensive security reviews of their application architectures to identify vulnerabilities and recommend remediation strategies.
  • Through code reviews, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessments, potential weaknesses were identified and addressed.
  • The security reviews also evaluated compliance with relevant regulations and standards, ensuring that the applications met the necessary requirements.

Secure and Scalable Kubernetes Infrastructure for Blockchain Applications:

  • To improve scalability and reliability while maintaining security, we led the design and implementation of a secure Kubernetes infrastructure for their blockchain applications.
  • By leveraging Kubernetes, they achieved automated deployment, scaling, and management of their applications. Security measures, such as container isolation, network segmentation, and strong authentication mechanisms, were integrated into the Kubernetes infrastructure.
  • Continuous monitoring and logging were implemented to detect and respond to potential security incidents promptly.

Amazing Results

Enhanced Data Protection: The implementation of robust data governance and classification frameworks, along with encryption and access control measures, significantly improved the protection of sensitive data. Minimized the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and compliance violations.

Regulatory Compliance: Successfully aligned their security measures with relevant regulations and standards, ensuring compliance. Regular security reviews and expert guidance helped them stay up to date with evolving compliance requirements.

Improved Application Security: Through comprehensive security reviews, the company identified vulnerabilities and remediated them promptly. This proactive approach to application security reduced the risk of security incidents and enhanced the overall

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“At SmartPension we have a young, 25-people strong SRE department of great engineers divided in three separate teams.

Cloud Logix engagement with Smart was fundamental for shaping our infrastructure and the whole department. Olivier Butterbarch either lead or was the reference expert for any high-profile projects taking place (he redesigned all the terraform code structure and deployment pipelines, took care of improving the security posture of the organization implementing AWS Config, guardduty etc., Designed and lead our Hashicorp's Vault architecture and many others ).”

David LatorreTech lead at Vanguard