Motorway, a prominent player in the automotive industry, sought to optimize their infrastructure, improve development efficiency, and enhance security measures. With an expanding team of over 40 developers, they needed a robust and scalable solution to facilitate rapid growth and automate crucial tasks. As the sole Platform Engineer, our objective was to implement cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to achieve these goals.


Terraform / Github Actions ECR / ElasticBeanstalk / ECS / Cloudfront / Fastly / Route53 / Shared ALBs / ECR / ECS /AWS RDS / AWS KMS / GPG / GCP / AWS Batch / Serverless Framework


Project Outcomes

Motorway cd cloud

CD Solution

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Implementation – Leveraging Terraform and Github Actions, we implemented Infrastructure as Code, empowering over 40 developers to scale the business swiftly. With automated processes, Motorway experienced accelerated development cycles and enhanced productivity.

Review Apps System – By adhering to GitOps guidelines, we created a Review Apps system for both Frontend and Backend applications. This system significantly reduced production issues and accelerated the development cycle, enabling Motorway to bring new features to market faster.

Seamless Frontend Application Migration – We successfully migrated Motorway’s main Frontend applications from Heroku to AWS without any interruptions or incidents. This migration resulted in improved stability, enhanced performance, and increased scalability.

Robust Backup System – To ensure data integrity and security, we developed a resilient and automated backup system for all databases. Employing AWS RDS, KMS, GPG, and other cutting-edge technologies, we achieved encryption and implemented stringent security measures.

Centralized Identity Management – We integrated the AWS IAM Identity Center with the OneLogin system, enabling Motorway to centralize audit logs collection and efficiently manage user identities. This integration enhanced security and streamlined identity management processes.

DNS Management – Migrating DNS records from DNS Simple to AWS Route53, we provided Motorway with source version control and expedited review and deployment cycles. Terraform facilitated seamless integration and ensured efficient DNS management.

VPC Migration and Security – With meticulous planning and training sessions, we successfully migrated Motorway’s applications to newly defined AWS VPCs. We educated developers on security best practices, ensuring the applications were secure from potential threats.

MLOps Optimization – Acting as MLOps engineers, we optimized and migrated Image Recognition Machine Learning pipelines from GCP to AWS. Collaborating closely with the ML team, we ensured a seamless transition, improving overall performance and resource utilization.

Amazing Results

Through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and best practices, Motorway experienced significant improvements in infrastructure, development cycles, and security.

Our solutions enabled them to scale rapidly, automate tasks, and enhance overall efficiency.

Motorway is now well-equipped to continue driving innovation in the automotive industry while maintaining a robust and secure technological foundation. The successful implementation of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Terraform and Github Actions empowered their expanding team of developers, ensuring scalability and accelerating business growth.

The introduction of a Review Apps system following GitOps guidelines revolutionized their development process, reducing production issues and expediting the release of new features.

Motorway’s seamless migration of main Frontend applications from Heroku to AWS showcased our expertise in executing complex infrastructure transitions without disruptions.

Data security and resilience were prioritized through the development of an automated backup system for all databases. By leveraging AWS RDS, KMS, GPG, and other advanced technologies, we established robust encryption measures, safeguarding critical data assets.

To streamline identity management and enhance security measures, we integrated the AWS IAM Identity Center with the OneLogin system. This centralization of audit logs collection significantly simplified identity management processes, boosting overall security posture.

By migrating DNS records from DNS Simple to AWS Route53, Motorway gained improved version control and accelerated review and deployment cycles. The seamless integration with Terraform facilitated efficient DNS management, promoting faster and more reliable website access.

As MLOps engineers, we optimized and migrated Image Recognition Machine Learning pipelines from GCP to AWS, collaborating closely with the ML team. This transition resulted in enhanced performance and resource utilization, enabling Motorway to leverage machine learning capabilities effectively.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Oli at Motorway. He was very conscientious in all work which was always done to the highest level. I would have no hesitation working with Oli again in the future.”

Joel van VeldenPlatform Engineering Team Lead | Motorway