Plan, Measure and Deliver

Scale Agile and DevOps teams in order to capitalise on new opportunities.

Reduce Costs and Manage Compliance

Automate software releases across complex technology environments

Improve Security & Avoid Loss

Create secure software to safeguard intellectual property, customer data, and brand reputation.

Deliver, Automate, and Scale

How CD Cloud Logix help

CD Cloud Logix automates, measures, and secures your software development operations, allowing you to consistently produce the best software and receive the best results.

Designed to assist you in delivering and managing superior software that results in faster business outcomes

Our solutions

CD SaaS Basic

Fast, reliable and easy to implement

CD Compliance

Innovative infrastructure design and automated checks addresses many compliance problems.

CD Support

Optimising your resource usage on any cloud platform.

CD Infrastructure

Infrastructure that impact your scalability, costs, and security.

CD Team Support

Help teams solve problems, make decisions, and stay updated.

CD Pentesting

We help prepare to automate pentesting and facilitate the process of reviewing any vulnerabilities.

CD Optimise

Identify where possible how to cut costs, improve security, and update your system.

CD Migrate

Help with secure scalable cloud solutions.