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As an SRE Engineer Background, I was shopping around for the best password managers. Finding some potentially good candidates for holding passwords / 2FA and sharing them easily with my Family or Teams.

I. Goals

This document just gives a quick overview of some of the password managers out there, here’s my list of my personal requirements:

  • Team / Family management: Adding and sharing made easy.
  • Pricing: Not excessive for a small group of people
  • Expose Public API: Useful for CI/CD Pipelines / system users
  • 2FA integration: Handy when you can share 2FA with your Team / Family directly.
  • Audit Logs usage: Who did what
  • “Cloud” solution without files management (KeePassX for instance).
  • Mobile App
  • Browser Extension
  • Reddit Community Feeling reviews (Very subjective to my personal review)

II. Results – Best Password Managers

NameFamily PricingMax Users2FA IntegrationPublic APIBrowser ExtentionMobile AppReddit Reviews
Dashlane5 Euros/Month5NoNoYesYesClose Source vs OpenSource, reliable service
1Password5 $/Month5YesNoYes BUT App installedYesReliable / Safe.
Keeper5.99 £/Month5NoYes BUT Enterprise version (25£/month minimum)YesYesPoor vulnerabilities report by the past
BitWarden3.33 $/Month6YesYesYesYesOpen Source. Good tool
Passpack1.5 $/Month3NoNoNoNo (WebApps)Not very well known.
LastPass3.40 £/Month6NoYes But Enterprise version for adding / managing users onlyYesYes.Faulty / Badly designed

III. Conclusion

There are many Password Managers out there, and this tab just outlined the main one. I hope that would also be useful for you out there 🙂