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A scrum master is a facilitator for an agile development team. They help the team follow the processes and values set out in the Scrum framework, and remove any barriers that may be hindering the team’s progress.

In the DevOps process, the scrum master plays an important role in enabling the team to continuously deliver value. They help the team prioritize their work and ensure that it aligns with the overall goals of the organization.

What is the SCRUM framework

cd cloud scrum master scrum framework

Scrum is a framework for agile software development. It was developed in the early 1990s as a way to help teams deliver complex products more effectively.

The Scrum framework is based on the principles of: transparency, inspection, and adaptation. These principles are reflected in the various roles, events, and artifacts that make up the framework.

In Scrum, a product is developed in a series of short cycles, called “sprints.” At the beginning of each sprint, the team defines the work that needs to be done and creates a plan for completing it. The team then works on the tasks in the plan, checking in with each other daily in a brief meeting called the “daily scrum.”

At the end of each sprint, the team demonstrates the work that has been completed to the stakeholders, and the stakeholders provide feedback. Based on this feedback, the team adjusts its plan for the next sprint.

The Scrum framework also includes a number of specific roles, including the product owner, the development team, and the scrum master.

The product owner is responsible for defining the features and priorities of the product, while the development team is responsible for actually building the product. The scrum master is responsible for facilitating the process and helping the team stay on track.

Overall, the Scrum framework is designed to help teams deliver complex products quickly and effectively, by providing a structure for continuous planning, delivery, and feedback.

Responsibilities of a scrum master

One of the key roles of the scrum master is to protect the team from distractions and disruptions. This can include everything from external interruptions to internal conflicts. The scrum master helps the team stay focused on their work and delivers value as quickly as possible.

Another important role of the scrum master is to facilitate the daily stand-up meetings, also known as the “Scrum” or “daily scrum.” In these meetings, team members briefly discuss what they accomplished the previous day, what they plan to work on today, and any impediments they may be facing. The scrum master helps keep these meetings focused and on track, ensuring that they are productive and valuable for the team.

In addition to working with the development team, the scrum master also communicates with stakeholders and other members of the organization to ensure that the team’s work is aligned with the overall goals and objectives. They may also work with other scrum masters and agile coaches to share best practices and improve processes across the organization.

5 tips for choosing the right scrum master for your team:

  1. Look for someone with strong communication skills. A good scrum master is able to facilitate discussions and help the team make decisions effectively.
  2. Choose someone with a deep understanding of the Scrum framework. While it is not necessary for the scrum master to be a certified Scrum Professional, they should have a good understanding of the framework and how it can be applied to the team’s work.
  3. Look for someone who is a good problem-solver. A scrum master should be able to identify and resolve any issues that may be hindering the team’s progress.
  4. Choose someone who is able to adapt to change. Scrum is a flexible framework, and the scrum master should be able to adapt to changing circumstances and help the team do the same.
  5. Look for someone with strong leadership skills. While the scrum master is not a traditional leader, they should be able to guide the team and help them stay on track.


A scrum master is an important member of a DevOps team, helping to facilitate the agile development process and ensure that the team is able to continuously deliver value. When choosing a scrum master for your team, look for someone with strong communication skills, a deep understanding of the Scrum framework, problem-solving skills, the ability to adapt to change, and strong leadership skills.